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Elevate your combat system to a whole new level with Complete Combat. A complete overhaul of ummorpg’s combat damage system! This System introduces various mechanics into your game that make combat more fun and dynamic.


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Everything You Need To Create Rich Combat Experiences

Complete Combat is a large suite of addons containing 20 tightly interconnected modules that work together seamlessly.

Complete Combat unlocks the ability to create nearly any combat damage system imaginable for your game. If you want to write a Path of Exile or Final Fantasy clone, or something like Zelda or Metroid, or any other game where combat is the central focus of the game-play…Complete Combat is up to the task! From siege weapons to explosive arrows to bombs that explode and send enemies flying to a revolver that can be loaded with a different bullet into each slot to a hookshot that pulls enemies toward you, this system has something for everyone…you can even launch a cow!

The complete combat system introduces a component based architecture to ummorpg classic as well as a faster enum-based state machine. In addition, complete combat has it’s own state machine just for combat…two of them in fact. It uses a scriptable object architecture to support a modular building-block style of development. Not only does complete combat improve your game, it improves your workflow as well!

In addition to hundreds of other extra features (plus a few undocumented bonuses) complete combat features everything you need to make your dream game a reality starting today.

Complete Combat has been around since 2018 and has undergone 4 complete refactors since its inception…it is constantly evolving. It all started with a simple concept, add 2 new alternative life pools into ummorpg…the rest, as they say, was history. Today we have a massive suite of interconnected systems all ticking together in fine precision.

The code itself is self-documenting in most cases, with shorthand comments and notes where necessary. The inspector is loaded with tooltips to guide you through as you learn to use the combat system.

(This whole system is completely configurable…with a few simple config file edits Attributes/Skills/etc can be customized in any way you wish.)
F E A T U R E  L O G
2020  F E A T U R E S

Architecture Improvements

  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Scriptable Object-Based Data Layer
  • Content Pack Support

Weapon System Improvements

  • Siege Weapons
  • Bombs
  • Traps
  • Hookshot
2019  F E A T U R E S

Weapon System Improvements

  • Unarmed Combat
  • Dual Wield
  • (optionally) Dual Wield 2 Handed Weapons
  • Add Dual Wield to any class just by adding an extra Equipment Slot named “Weapon”…no need to make core changes to add extra weapons. To give the Warrior Dual Wield, just change the name of his “Shield” slot to “Weapon” and like magic he can equip and attack with two weapons. The system is designed so that it could be expanded to support extra weapons and have things like 4 armed combat or Claw/Claw/Bite for Animal attacks.
  • Equip any Weapon – Players can now equip any type of weapon to a slot simply by naming that slot “Weapon”. A slot can also be restricted to only accept one type of weapon simply by naming the slot “WeaponSword” or “WeaponDagger” (for example).
  • Complete Ammunition System – Guns and other weapons that use Ammunition can be loaded with ammo in a specific order. Different types of bullets can be fired back to back to create devastating damage combos.
  • Weapon Categories
    unarmed – Fist & Staff
    tooth&nail – Claw & Bite
    chopping – Axe & Battleaxe
    bashing – Mace & Warhammer
    stabbing – Dagger & Spear
    slicing – Sword & Scythe
    bows – Bow & Crossbow
    firearms – Pistol & Rifle
    ammo – Arrow, Bolt, Bullet, Cartridge, Fuel, Charges
  • Weapon Skills
    Punch, Bonk, Scratch, Bite, Chop, Split, Bash, Pound, Stab, Impale, Slash, Reap, Shoot (bow, crossbow, pistol, rifle)
  • The Default attack is automatically set for the weapon that is equipped to your character.
  • Any skill can be used as a weapon skill. Create weapons with powerful default attacks or attached spell abilities.
  • Additional Weapon Types and Weapon Skills can be added very easily with a little scripting knowledge.
  • Gear Synchronization System – (Automatically detects the weapons and armor that players have equipped regardless of equipment type or how the equipment slots are set up)
  • Includes a number of Helper Methods to get information about characters and Tools to help with building content.
  • Skills can be cast by consuming Health, Mana, Blood, Spirit, Fury, and/or Stamina

Combat System Improvements

  • Scripted Damage – Take absolute control of the way Damage works in your game. Any number of Scripted Damage objects can be linked to a Combat Skill with a delay in between the damages being applied.
  • With Scripted Damage, Skills can be easily configured to deal damage over time, apply status effects, heal the caster, and more!
  • There is no limit to the number of Scripted Damages that can be assigned to any given skill. Any damage pattern you can think of is possible.
  • Skills can also be chained together to create even more complicated damage effects. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Multi-Hit Skills
  • Maximum Damage Caps – Players have five tiers of maximum damage dealing capacity. By default these damage caps are 99, 255, 999, 9999, and 99999 but those values can easily be changed in the Config Scripts.
  • Improved Aggro Management System – Monsters build hate levels for individual players based upon the amount of damage that player deals to them. Monsters will focus on their current target until another attacker outdamages them by a certain percentage (that threshold can be set in a Config script inside your project). The Monster’s hate levels will reset when it dies.
  • Enemy Groups – Monsters can summon additional monsters to help them fight.

Item System Improvements

  • Skill Items – A Scripted Skill is attached to a Skill Item, that skill is activated when the item is used. (You must be able to use the attached skill…for now)
  • Ammo Items – Using an ammo item loads that ammo into your current weapon (if it is the right type of ammo for that weapon).
  • Item Rarity
  • Item Materials (for crafting system integration and material-based damage modifiers)
  • Breakable Equipment
  • Durability for Equipment

Visual Improvements

  • Shuriken Based particle system effects can be attached to weapons. Both OnHit effects and Constant Effects are supported. Integrates seamlessly with most Particle-Based Visual FX packages.
  • Particle Effects can be attached to Skills and can be triggered when the skill begins casting and when it is finished casting.
  • Particle Effects can be triggered on a spell’s target when the spell is finished casting.
  • An animation controller is included with the sample characters. Different animations can be assigned to each category of weapon.
  • Advanced Damage Display – Damage Popups have been vastly expanded upon to allow for deep customization of how damage numbers are displayed to your players.
  • Overhead Text – Display text over different locations on your character. There are many options for the formatting of the text to display and the way it will be animated on the screen.
  • Automated Tooltips – Weapons, Armor, Skills, and Items all have self-generating Tooltips and an extra box in the Inspector to add a separate description for each item. This speeds up the content creation process significantly and you know your tooltips will always be perfect.
  • Tooltips support color coded element names, a name color that corresponds to the item’s rarity, and configuration files to change text colors and font sizes quickly and easily.
  • An entire collection of tinted icons to represent items, equipment, and skills. There is a set for each element.

Install Process Improvements

  • Installation is now just a matter of opening the patcher from the Tools menu, clicking the patch button, and then installing the addon package. No Manual Core Changes!
  • Update Day is no problem…just update your core kit then open the Patcher and apply the patch again.
2018  F E A T U R E S

2 New Life Pools

  • Blood – Depleted by Blood Damage…you die when you run out of blood. Blood Damage ignores Armor & Defense.
  • Spirit – Depleted by Spirit Damage…you die when you run out of spirit. Spirit Damage ignores Armor & Defense.

2 New Attribute Resource Pools

  • Stamina – Starts out full and gets depleted as you perform actions. Having low stamina can reduce attack and movement speed.
  • Fury – Starts out empty and fills when you land physical attacks and get hit. Depletes over time. Used as a resource to cast certain skills.

8 Elemental Damage Types

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
  • Dark
  • Holy

New Methods of Damage

  • Physical
  • Magic
  • Mana
  • Blood
  • Spirit
  • Fury
  • Stamina
  • Poison

Scriptable DoTs

  • Fully Configurable
  • Damage Over Time
  • Healing Over Time

Timer and Event System

  • Timed Status Effects
  • Temporary Items and Gear
  • Temporary Summoned Pets
  • Timed Events for Quests etc

Tons of new combat features

  • Reflect Damage
  • Absorb Damage
  • Nullify Damage
  • Resist Damage (take half damage)
  • Weak to Damage (take double damage)
  • Very Weak to Damage (take triple damage)
  • Vulnerabilities (%) and Damage Reduction (+-) for each Element and Damage Method
  • Damage Modifiers (%) and flat Bonuses (+-) for each Element and Damage Method
  • Damage Over Time
  • Healing Over Time
  • Backstab and Flanking System (Physical Attacks)
  • Critical Hit System (Spells and Physical)
  • Block System (Spells and Physical)
  • Dodge System (Spells and Physical)

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  1. Dave

    This system is so expandable you could probably clone just about any RPG on the market without writing any code at all!

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