The Core Patcher has the ability to make automated changes to any source code in your unity project. It is a universal tool that works with any file in your Assets folder.

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Make automated core changes to your assets, revitalize depreciated assets by coding fixes into patches, test different blocks of code with the push of a button and revert back with another button press.

No more worrying about your changes being overwritten by the next update that gets released…just apply the patch again after you update and you’re good to go!

The Core Patcher is an extremely versatile tool, patch files can contain methods as well as patch logic, so you can trigger almost any action when the patch button is clicked. You can even create a Patch that patches another patch… Patches can launch any C# code you choose!

The Core Patcher is very simple to use once you learn how it works.

You can access the Patcher via the Tools menu in Unity. When it is launched, the patcher automatically finds any patch files that are in your project and creates a button for them in the patcher window. All you need to do to install a patch is click the button. The button turns green and the patch is installed. You can click the button again to uninstall the patch.

With a Developer License: Patches can be created and shared along with the Core Patcher software in one Commercial Product per license. *(Products that generate revenue from advertisements or in-app purchases are considered Commercial Products).


  • The Patcher can only replace one line of code at a time, the primary purpose is not to patch entire methods, but to add hooks, partial classes, using statements, and base classes to scripts, or fix small bits of code. Future versions may bring about the ability to replace entire methods if that functionality becomes necessary.
  • The Patches that you have installed are not recorded, so Unity will not remember what Patches you have applied in most cases. If Unity forgets your patches that doesn’t mean the files are not patched anymore. If you want to uninstall the patch just click the button once to install the patch, then click it again to uninstall it.

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2019, 2020


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