Game Data Master is a powerful unity editor tool that allows intuitive and streamlined management of Scriptable Objects in your unity project.

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Scriptable Object Editor

Scriptable Objects are a powerful feature of Unity that are frequently used as the foundation for game data management in Unity projects. The data from things like Items, NPCs, Equipment, Quests, etc is stored and processed by most Unity games in the form of Scriptable Objects. Beyond functioning as a simple data storage container, a Scriptable Object class can also include methods, making them a perfect backend for modular plugin systems.

Game Data Master puts all of your Scriptable Objects right at your fingertips. With an intuitive editor and category filtering system designers can focus on the data without using precious time to hunt through the project for resource folders or stacking unrelated assets into the same resources folder.

Game Data Master works with uMMORPG, uSurvival, uRPG, MMO Kit, and many more.

Every asset that uses Scriptable Objects can be managed directly with zero config and no need to touch any code…just install it and open the tool to take full control of your game data right out of the box.


  • Automatically searches your project’s resources folders for scriptable objects and adds them to the editor.
  • Multiple edit views allow you to customize your workflow to best fit your needs. List View allows you to edit multiple objects at the same time and visualize your game data as a whole while Dropdown View allows you to focus on single objects with a quick dropdown box to switch between the objects you are editing. You can even use multiple views at the same time.
  • Category filters let you focus only on the objects you need to edit.
  • Category filters can be pinned to the editor allowing you to switch between filters with a single click.
  • Pinned categories are saved to your project, next time you open Unity your filters will be there so you can get straight to work.

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2019, 2020


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