Skillbooks optimize the crap out of the way you work with skills in your game. Includes a powerful inspector that optimizes the workflow for both designers and developers.


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A Skillbook contains a set of skills that can be attached to any character in your game to grant them access to those skills.

In addition to the in-game functionality, skillbooks open up a number of optimizations to your design workflow. Instead of editing individual characters to set their skills, every character using that particular skill set can be changed simultaneously.

Skill sets can be attached to equipment to grant the bearer certain skills while they are wearing that equipment or designated as starting skills for players and npcs. You can even attach passive skills to gear to create a spiffy new pair of Boots of Haste or a Critical Hit Ring using the default ummorpg passive skills!

The Skillbook addon has been carefully constructed to optimize workflow and provide a dual experience that provides separate views for designers and developers. This allows designers to focus on the in-game functionality and developers to focus on the data without a single distraction.

The custom inspector has been designed to remember every detail of how it has been set up. That means you can close unity and come back later to find your inspector in the exact same configuration and get right to work without missing a single beat in your workflow.

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